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We connect start-ups and corporations with various resources. We build bridges between Chinese and North American market, utilize creative strategies and technologies, and brighten great ideas and products.

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Our Services

Branding, Social Media Strategies, Media Outreach Service, Crowdfunding Consulting, and North American Marketing Promotion for international companies.

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Connect Start-Ups with Resources

Link US and China

Utilize Technologies and Strategies

Brighten Great Ideas and Products

Who is ClubOne Media?

Don’t call us a PR Agency!  We are not a PR firm that only provides standard services and moves slowly. We absolutely do better jobs! We are a diligent, creative and diverse team and we move very fast!  We aim to help startups leap from zero to one. We deliver the most effective communication and marketing strategy to help our clients reach their business goals. We believe impossible is possible as we can always achieve something that others can never accomplish. Ready to be impressed?

  • Branding Strategy 100%
  • PR Out Reach 100%
  • Online Go Viral Campaign & Event Marketing 80%
  • Social Media Strategy & Executive 80%
  • Team Building & Training 70%
  • Tech Communication & Information Design 90%

TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battle Field: We Lead WaterO Win the RunnerUp Prize

A Successful Story : We supported  WaterO to win the Runner-Up Prize in TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield competition and got media Coverage at Digital Trend, TechCrunch, The Verge, Treehugger, Notey, CCTV 4 ,and more than 100 Media.

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Online Go Viral Campaign for Vixole Reach 8M Audiences

We provide whole-scale marketing and branding strategy, covering branding positioning, online and offline go viral event marketing campaign, media relation management , and investment connection. Our online video campaign attracts mass market and media attention & coverage (Mashable, Digital Trend, Tech Insider, Business Insider, Complex,etc)  over one night and got 8Millions views in Vixole Pokemon go video within 10 Days.

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Supported IGulu- Raised Almost 1M in Crowdfunding

March 2016
The Smart Homemade Beer Brew Machine
$700,000 USD raised in 60 days on KickStarter
$901,426 USD in demand on Indiegogo
1,592 supporters on Indiegogo&Kickstarter
971,000 YouTube Views
12,000 more followers on social media

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Supported 1More XiaoMi Headphone Achieved CNET &The Verge Coverage in 1 Week

We supported Xiaomi achieved the two largest Tech Media (CNET & The VERGE) Coverage in only 1 week

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Media Coverage

International Celebrity Event in SF 2016

We  co-hosted  the  1st International Celebrity summit with IMS Media Group, Sina Weibo, LeEco, Miao Pai 2016 September25th in San Francisco

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